Turn Your Shower into a Relaxing Spa Oasis

Turning your shower into a spa using various spa shower heads and decorative bath items is a great way to make a relaxing oasis right in your own home. There are many things that you can do that are both simple and complex to come up with the spa bathroom of your dreams.

Shower Head

If you don’t have that much money and just want to have a spa experience in your bathroom, changing out your showerhead is a great option to consider. Change from your normal shower head to a spa shower fixture featuring massaging pulses and varying degrees of water pressure.

Another interesting shower head idea is to purchase a chromatherapeudic shower head. Chromatherapy is when you use colored lights to relax. This type of shower head emits colorful lights and water at the same time in order to help you relax. These shower heads are more expensive, but you might find them worth the extra money if they help you to relax.

Glass Shower

Want a spa feel? Transform your shower by adding a glass door instead of having a shower curtain. Frosted glass and tempered glass are perfect for those that are still concerned about privacy in their bathroom shower.

Convert to Stand Up Shower

A tub/shower combo isn’t likely to be found inside many spas. If you have the extra money, transform your tub/shower combo into a stand up shower. Add multiple shower heads and possibly a steam shower for added comfort and relaxation.


The lighting will set the mood inside your bathroom. Install heated lamps for added comfort (no one likes getting out of a shower and getting cold!), and add dimmers to your main lighting to provide bright light for when you need to put on makeup and soft light for when you just want to relax.

Decorative accent lighting is also a way to add lighting to your spa bathroom. These are both decorative and serve a function of giving off softer, more romantic light.

You may also find that candles – especially aromatherapy candles – are also a welcomed edition to any spa bathroom.

Steam Shower

Nothing screams spa luxury quite like a steam shower. Adding this type of amenity to your shower will really make it feel like a spa. Converting to a steam shower could even cost under $1,000. This is a project that is best left to professionals, so speak with a contractor in your area.

Turning your shower into a spa isn’t difficult. You can do something as simple as changing out a shower head, or you can do something a little more such as adding a steam shower to your bathroom.


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