Home Decorating Tips to Create Relaxing Environments

Worry, stress, exhaustion, strain, hurried: if those words define your life, you need a relaxing home environment. Here are some easy, inexpensive home decor tips to create serenity in your living space, no matter how large or small. We’ve all read the expensive how-to home decorating tips, where they show lavish, over-priced accessories. $379 pillows or $143 candles are not my idea of relaxing; prices like that cause more stress.

My decor tips are inexpensive. In fact, they’re down right cheap. They will provide the same amount of contentment and serenity. My decor suggestions come from T.J.Maxx, Target, Family Dollar, Joanne Fabrics, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Menards or Dollar General.

Begin by establishing a corner of your home where you can be alone and have relative peace. Clean that area well. I’m more centered when my surroundings have order.

Select a comfortable rocker or easy chair. Mine came from an estate sale and cost $15. Next to the chair you will need a lamp with low light and a dark shade and a small table. Choose colors and designs that are pleasing to your taste. I love rich, dark wood, deep colors, gilt and brocade fabric.

Add oxygen to your environment with house plants. Arrange the plant on your chair-side table. I like rosemary, dill, basil, ivy, Thanksgiving cactus, philodendron, Boston fern, Norfolk Island pine, and baby rose plants. Plants are nature’s gift to the soul.

Tired feet and back are big contributors to stress. Look for a soft footstool that can be opened up for storage. You can get extra relaxation for an investment of $20-$30 spent on a electric foot spa. Let the bubbles ease away the day’s anxiety.

Select a plush lap blanket in a coordinating shade. You can find micro plush throw blankets for under $10 or you can make one from 2 yards of Polar Fleece fabric. You don’t need to hem this fabric because it doesn’t fray. Simply cut short fringes around the edge. Hang it over the chair.

Assemble several cushy pillows to match your color scheme. Select them in lush velvet, satin, faux fur or fleece covers. I’ve found great pillows for under $6 each at many stores. Check discount or clearance home furnishings section. Look for pillows with removable, washable cover.

Hide all your mind unwinders in your foot stool. Books, a journal, cross-word puzzles, knitting, hand vibrator, magazines, anything that will put your mind at ease. Use a deep basket to hold your things.

Gentle sounds will soothe your cares away. Many discount stores feature small rock fountains. The trickling water is therapy for tired ears. Play your favorite nature sounds or music CD. Cello solo and Spanish guitar soothes me. You an find any of these items for a buck or two.

Scents play a big role in de-stressing. Unearth some real treasures at Family Dollar and T.J Maxx: incense, scented candles, heated aromatherapy oils, potpourri. Choose a decorative holder. Most items retail under $5.

Make a refreshing yoga eye pillow. Sew a small rectangular satin pouch. Fill it with flax seeds and fresh lavender. Sew the opening shut. Place this cool, fragrant pomander over your eyes and inhale the peace.

Nourish your spirit with a cup of tea, served in an elegant cup and saucer. Tea has been used for centuries all over the world as a restorative. Keep this cup and a box of your favorite tea just for your quiet time. My favorite quiet time teas are Earl Grey, Constant Comment, Chinese Jade, Oolong. I heat my kettle and fill a small pot. I have a cup that matches the pot. I place this on a special tray with linen napkin. It takes about 3 minutes.

Shut off the cell phone, Blackberry, etc. Pay the sitter for 30 minutes more. Have an older child be in charge for that brief break. I am so refreshed that I can face the rest of the day with renewed energy.


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