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The Best Way to Heat and Cool Your Home

I have seen the television shows and read the articles in the diy magazines discussing what each expert believes is the best and most efficient way to heat and cool your home. Usually the expert’s favored way is what they are selling. This is often misleading to homeowners. After installing and or working on many […]

What You Need to Know when Choosing the Right Floor Heating for Your Home

Floor heating is a cryogenic system. This means that heat is transferred into the room through the large floor area with a relatively low temperature. A surface temperature of 23-24C on the floor is enough to get comfortable 18-20C of head elevation. The opposite is the high temperature, where small areas (e.g. radiators) with a […]

Home Decorating Tips to Create Relaxing Environments

Worry, stress, exhaustion, strain, hurried: if those words define your life, you need a relaxing home environment. Here are some easy, inexpensive home decor tips to create serenity in your living space, no matter how large or small. We’ve all read the expensive how-to home decorating tips, where they show lavish, over-priced accessories. $379 pillows […]